Maintain Technical Skills for Non-Hands-On Development Managers

As an engineering manager, it's crucial to stay updated on the latest technologies and trends in software development. However, with multiple responsibilities, it can be hard to find time and resources to maintain technical skills. In this article, I am referring to managers who oversee team leads in software development operations and are not involved in hands-on development. Here are some tips on how to keep your technical skills sharp:

  1. Attend industry events and conferences. Attending industry events and conferences is a great way to learn about the latest technologies and trends in your field. You can attend keynote speeches, workshops, and networking events to gain insights and connect with other professionals. Some popular conferences for development managers include DevOps Enterprise Summit, QCon, and Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo.

  2. Read technical blogs and publications. There are countless technical blogs and publications that you can follow to stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in your field. Some popular options include Hacker News, Stack Overflow, and Medium. Additionally, you can subscribe to industry-specific newsletters and podcasts to get regular updates.

  3. Participate in online communities. Participating in online communities can help you stay informed about the latest developments in your field. Joining groups on LinkedIn, Reddit, or Slack can provide opportunities to ask questions, share insights, and learn from others. You can also contribute to open-source projects to build your skills and make connections.

  4. Take online courses and tutorials. There are numerous online courses and tutorials available that can help you develop and enhance your technical skills. Platforms such as Udemy, and Pluralsight offer a wide range of courses in programming, data science, and other technical fields. Additionally, many of these platforms offer certifications and badges that can help demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.

In conclusion, As a development manager, it's crucial to stay current with the latest trends and technologies in your field. By attending industry events, reading technical blogs, participating in online communities, taking online courses, and practicing regularly, you can maintain your technical skills and remain a valuable asset to your team.